Hi everyone,

Ignesco’s video demands have slowly increased as we’ve taken on more complex projects. Our stable of iMacs and solid hand-built PCs (circa 2015) have been handling these demands fine up until we started including heavy After Effects and 4K streams (or multiple 1080p streams).

I’ve been thinking of building out a cheap, small, low-power editing rig that I can leave rendering overnight, and this is something that I parted out in about 15 minutes of PCPartPicker playtime.

This is definitely not going to handle realtime 4K editing, but should easily handle realtime 1080 editing.

I would like to include a GTX 1080 and other goodies, but this is meant to be a budget build that can be left rendering basically 24/7.

Maybe when this crypto mining craze dies down a bit I’ll kit out a super desktop that can handle VR and all kinds of crazy editing down the road.