Custom Information Entry

A visitor to this web page (really a full web application) could enter various types of error-checked information ranging from simple text entry to ACH and Credit Card entry.


Due to the nature of the data captured, we designed this application with security in mind. All sensitive information was encrypted at rest and in transit.

Responsive Design

This application was designed to look fantastic and maintain identical function whether it was viewed on mobile or desktop. In other words, the app rearranged itself to suit screen size.


The application was designed to have help a click away at all points in the user’s experience.


We went for a clean and simple design. Our goal was to provide an intuitive, professional-looking promotional page that users felt was safe to enter sensitive information within.

PDF Creation

Both users and Fitness Depot staff members were sent a PDF copy of each contract. Copies and signatures were kept securely encrypted on-server as well.